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Marian Pilgrimages – The Oberammergau Passion Play

After our celebration of Holy Week & Easter please contact Marian Pilgrimages if anyone is interested to join Fr. Mark and Fr. Michael, the parish priest of Ashbourne, in this once in a life time pilgrimage to witness the Passion Play held every ten years by the people of Oberammergau since their village survived the Great Plague!

Cemetery Sunday weekend June 11th/12th 2022

Blessing of the graves will take place on Saturday 11th June at 5pm in Crossmacole Cemetery and in St. Mary’s Abbey after the Vigil Mass. On Sunday 12th at 1pm in Holy Cross & Good Shepherd cemeteries.

First Holy Communion 2022

Saturday 7th may

Donore NS                   10am in the Nativity of Our Lady, Donore

Knockcommon           12noon in the Nativity of Our Lady’s Rossnaree                        

Saturday 21st may

Duleek Boys NS           10am in the Church of St. Cianán, Duleek

Cushenstown NS &    12noon in the Church of St. Cianán, Duleek Mounthanover NS

Saturday 28th  may          

Bellewstown NS          10am in the Church of St. Therésé, Bellewstown

Duleek Girls NS          12noon in the Church of St. Cianán, Duleek                        

Confirmation Calendar for 2022

Donore & Knockcommon Schools  Thursday 17th Feb @ 10am in St Cianán’s Church, Duleek

Duleek Boys & Mounthanover Schools Thursday 17th February @ 12noon in St Cianán’s Church, Duleek

Duleek Girls School, Bellewstown & Cushenstown Schools Thursday 17th February @ 2pm in St Cianán’s Church, Duleek.

First Confessions & First Communion Dates 2021

First Confessions

  • Cushenstown/Mthanover Tuesday 2nd Feb. @ 7 pm
  • Duleek Girls Thursday 4th Feb. @ 7 pm
  • Duleek Boys (Ms. A. Collier’s Class) Tuesday 9th Feb. @ 7 pm
  • Duleek Boys (Ms. M. Flood’s Class) Wed 10th Feb. @ 7 pm
  • Donore Monday 15th Feb. @ 7 pm

All the above confessions will be held in Duleek Church.

  • Knockcommon (Rossnaree Church) Thursday 18th Feb @ 7pm
  • Bellewstown (B/town Church) Thursday 25th Feb @ 7pm

First Communions

  • Bellewstown (B/town Church) Saturday 8th May @ 11am
  • Donore (Duleek Church) Saturday 15th May @ 11am
  • Duleek Girls (Duleek Church) Saturday 22nd May @ 11am
  • Duleek Boys ((Ms. A. Collier’s Class) Saturday 29th May @ 11am
  • Duleek Boys (Ms. M. Flood’s Class) Saturday 29th May @ 2pm
  • Cushenstown &
  • Mt. Hanover (Duleek Church) Saturday 5th June @ 11 am
  • Knockcommon (Rossnaree) Saturday 12th June @ 11am

Confirmation Date to be confirmed by Bishop Deenihan

Updated First Communion Calendar for Duleek / Bellewstown 2020

  • Duleek Boys – Saturday 1st August @ 11am
  • Mounthanover – Saturday 8th August @11am
  • Duleek Girls – Saturday 8th August @ 2pm
  • Bellewstown – Saturday 22nd August @11am in Duleek Church
  • Cushenstown – Saturday 22nd August @2pm

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